Company Timeline - Lead the Pack | Timberwolf Australia

Company Timeline

  • 1986-

    Entec Industries launch the first commercially designed 6" gravity fed wood chipper
    "The Chippit". "A new innovation revolutionising the industry"

  • 1992-

    Entec Industries relocated from Kent to larger premises in Cotton, Suffolk

  • 1995-

    First commercialy designed 6" hydraulic feed wood chipper under 750kg launched
    "Revolutionising performance within the chipping industry"

  • 1998-

    1000th wood chipper sold

  • 1999-

    The Timberwolf brand is born
    1st Timberwolf dealer signed
    1st orange chipper sold in the UK

  • 2001-

    2000th wood chipper sold
    10th Timberwolf dealer appointed

  • 2002-

    New purpose built factory built in Stowmarket, Suffolk
    "Meeting new demand in the industry"

  • 2003-

    "A Timberwolf is available to everyone, we now cover all corners of the UK"
    Full UK Timberwolf Dealer coverage.
    TW 190 range launched.

  • 2004-

    3000th wood chipper sold

  • 2006-

    4000th wood chipper sold

  • 2007-

    5,000th wood chipper sold
    Timberwolf premises double in size and quadruple production
    "We simply need more space to meet new demand"
    1st Timberwolf Shredder launched

  • 2008-

    Now the most popular wood chipper brand in the UK
    Sales expand into Europe - "We're introducing Timberwolf to the rest of Europe"

  • 2009-

    6000th wood chipper sold

  • 2010-

    TW 2350DHB(t) turntable wood chipper launched

  • 2012-

    8000th wood chipper sold

  • 2013-

    Timberwolf now exporting to 25 different countries around the world.

  • 2014-

    9000th wood chipper sold
    3 new Timberwolf Dealers appointed to improve UK Coverage

  • 2015-

    10,000th machine sold

  • 2016-

    Launched 'Win a Chipper' campaign

  • 2017-

    Timberwolf extend their Petrol Wood Chipper Range - We now have the largest range of low emission petrol wood chippers In the UK market

  • 2018-

    Launched TW 280TVGTR Variable tracked wood chipper.
    13,000th wood chipper sold
    Launch 'All the Facts #NoOmissions' campaign, educating the industry on Stage V engine legislation.

  • 2019

    Recognised by London Stock Exchange Group as one of '1000 Companies to Inspire Britian'
    Joined 'Made in Britain' initiative

  • 2020-

    Launched Six New Stage V compliant wood chippers, bringing the total of Stage V compliant models to 10