Benefits of a Road Towable Wood Chipper

Timberwolf initially produced gravity fed chippers to fill the gap in the market for smaller professional tree maintenance companies looking for a high-performance machine between light domestic chippers and the much heavier and expensive hydraulic fed machines available at the time, the company gained a solid reputation and expanded rapidly.

However in 1995, Timberwolf introduced its first 6” hydraulic road tow model, again focusing on the need for a powerful but compact and cost-effective chipper. Demand was high from the start, propelling Timberwolf to its current position as UK market leader.

The latest road tow range of five models includes 6” and 8” capacity machines in petrol and diesel options. The smallest model, TW 160PH is 6” capacity, powered by a Honda 22hp petrol engine with twin infeed rollers. This is a basic, ‘no frills’ chipper ideally suited to landscapers and tree surgeons for smaller jobs but having 6” chipping capacity when needed. At just over 600 kg, it is easy for one operator to manoeuvre into driveways and tight spaces.


Timberwolf TW 280TDHB Road Tow Wood Chipper - 8 inch infeed no need for snedding


The TW 230DHB is 6” capacity and is powered by the reliable 35hp 4 cylinder Kubota diesel engine, or a Briggs & Stratton 37hp V twin petrol engine. This is Timberwolf’s best selling model, setting the industry standard for 6” road tows. Fast and powerful with a throughput of up to 4.5 tonnes per hour, it is the ideal machine for a wide range of tree maintenance jobs.

At 750kg with compact dimensions, this chipper is easy to tow and operate. Reliable direct belt drive to the rotor eliminates the problems of clutches and manually engaged drive systems.

The reversible, double-sided blades are easy to reach through the ‘Wolfport’ access hatch and do not require shimming or setting up after sharpening, making blade changing ‘in the field’ quick and simple.

Timberwolf TW 280TDHB Road Tow Wood Chipper - Class leading feed funnel

Power of the Quad Force Rollers

Twin ‘Quadforce’ infeed rollers provide unrivalled crushing power and coupled with the class leading 6” by 9” ‘letterbox’ feed opening to deal with awkward shaped material, less preparation and snedding of material is required.

The wide, obstruction free feed funnel is set at a comfortable height for easy feeding of material.

The industry renowned Timberwolf auto feed ‘no stress’ Infeed control system automatically regulates the infeed, allowing the operator to concentrate on feeding material. Feed controls located either side of the feed funnel are of robust all steel construction, featuring separate paddles for infeed and reverse for clear and safe operation.

Timberwolf TW 280TDHB Road Tow Wood Chipper - Adjustable discharge


The largest model in the road tow range, TW 280TDHB is 8” capacity with an 8” x 11” letterbox infeed, powered by the reliable Kubota 45hp 4 cylinder turbo diesel engine, or Kubota 57hp 4 cylinder petrol engine.

The 280 shares all the features and benefits of the 230 with even greater capacity and throughput for those bigger jobs.

All Timberwolf chippers are designed for easy maintenance and long life. The modular design ensures that every part of the machines is serviceable and easy to repair with the minimum of tools and equipment. 30-year-old plus Timberwolf’s still working and giving reliable fuss free service to their owners are testament to the brand’s strength, so it is no wonder that residual values on Timberwolf chippers are higher than any other brand.

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