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Timberwolf Wood Chippers for your industry

  • Arboriculture

    Arboriculture is a challenging industry. Whether you work with trees every day or as part of a wider landscaping job, you want a professional wood chipper that can cope with a range of challenges. Timberwolf wood chippers offer everything an arborist is looking for; capability, reliability, robustness, efficiency, the highest performance and the best long-term investment for their business.

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  • Estates

    Private estates, parkland, farms, studs, equestrian centres, residential homes, zoos, wildlife parks, holiday parks, theme parks, golf courses, public parks – where there is green space to manage we have a wood chipper or green waste shredder perfect for your needs.

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  • Hire

    Hire firms demand quality professional wood chippers that stand the test of time. Invest in a Timberwolf machine and you can sure that you're always providing the very best tools for the job. Timberwolf products are built to be simple to use, robust, easy to service, extremely strong and with safety built-in. Everything you need when you are hiring a wood chipper to an end customer.

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  • Horticulture

    Horticulture professionals tend to be more interested in ‘volume of green waste’ than 'how big will it chip'. So whether you spend all day taking down a 40ft beech tree or need to get rid of a pyracantha, there’s a Timberwolf to suit your business.

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  • Infrastructure

    Infrastructure industries, such as utilities, highway management, railways, local government and construction, all need safe, reliable, effective and efficient wood chippers and green waste shredders. Timberwolf have a range of professional wood chippers and green waste shredders to match the demands for each of these industries. There's a machine in the Timberwolf pack that will meet all of your contract or project needs.

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